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Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

These photos were taken of celebrities before and after they had plastic surgery. The after photos of most of them are disastrous. Although plastic surgery has worked wonders for some celebrities, for others it has to be a living nightmare.

It seems these days the pressure to look perfect is causing many people to turn to cosmetic surgery for a quick fix. A little too often, that quick fix turns into a nip and tuck or multiple rounds of extreme surgery resulting in a complete evolution. Sometimes plastic surgery can make us feel better about ourselves, and other times people take it too far. If done improperly, plastic surgery can lead to scarring, weird deformities, infections, or the need to re-do the area with more plastic surgery causing even greater damage. Many of the celebrities and socialites shown here were born beautiful and unfortunately had one or more cosmetic surgery fails causing them to look really odd and in some cases even awful. Here are the worst celebrity cosmetic surgery fails we could find.

Look for more pictures HERE !

2 responses to “Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

  1. karen 14 December 2010 at 19:40

    wow, is all i can say, nice blog

    • cOokie 15 December 2010 at 17:54

      Thanks ! You can find me here : 😉

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